MadFappaMania III - Fringe World Festival 2021

Fringe Festival is back next year and we've got a mammoth late night show for MadFappaMania III - Fringe World Festival 2021

"Featuring a diverse roster of artists from a variety of genres including ACOUSTIC, BLUES, BURLESQUE, COMEDY, HIP HOP, SOUL and RAP, 'MadFappaMania III' includes the BATTLE ROAST CHAMPIONSHIP - A one on one duel of roasting, improv and freestyle battle rap.

Hosted by THE NATURE BOY, our fast paced ADD-friendly format showcases the cream of the Perth crop, representing their respective fields in a 60 minute bonanza of creative expression and loose vibes!"


Andrew Wolfe (Comedy)

Angry Buda (Former WA DMC Champion)

Bluntfield (Hip Hop)

Bowzer Destroyer of Worlds (Comedy Rap)

DJ Tye

Eva Leviosa (Burlesque)

Jonathan 'The Crippler' Barlow (Battle Roast)

Joi Taylor (Hip Hop)

'The Nature Boy' Stick Flair (MC / Wooo)

Optamus (SBX)

Sean 'Shock' Cubitt (Battle Roast)

Skyuka (Soul/Pop)

Turin Robinson (Blues)

11PM Friday January 29th at The Pleasure Garden in Northbridge. Tickets available online,


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Based out of the West Coast of Australia,
Fresh Juice Collective was established in 2020 by founding members Tye, Bluntfield, Skyuka, Charlie-Moon Meader & Analog.