Rappfox reviews incognito Producer Analog's latest single "In The Valley"

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

A Big Thanks to Rappfox for their "In The Valley" review!!

"Incognito Perth producer Analog releases a new collaborative single with Perth OG Sipn MC under the group name Pippen On A 40. (And I can say incognito as I interviewed him and I don't know what he looks like!)" - Rappfox

"The collaborative track titled In The Valley is a soulful number featuring Charlie-Moon Meader and Perth legend Wisdow2th. The warmth of the track is a slight move away from Analog's sound on last year's Against The Grain EP, where he stuck to the sample-based boom bap sound, but is still the sound of a classic Hip Hop track (no trap sounding, synths here.)" - Rappfox

"The soulfulness of this track is thanks to a heartfelt hook sung by Charlie-Moon Meader. Perth rapper Sipn MC, well-known for his Bentman and Sipn MC work from the mid-2000's, offers the bars with his light-hearted wordplay and social commentary, and proves despite fewer releases of late, he can still rap with the best of them." - Rappfox


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