Rappfox reviews Analog's "Against The Grain" EP

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

"Analog is a fitting name for a producer. An analog clock, in comparison to a digital one, allows you to see the inner workings to understand how everything comes together to produce a result i.e. tell the time. Against the Grain is a project by Analog that gives the listeners an inside peak into the inner thoughts of what I would call a 'beat making mastermind'. Each aspect of every beat has been carefully selected and added to produce the final result, the 'Against the Grain' EP. With a project name like that it would be foolish to expect conformity, it is everything but..." - Rappfox

"No one can doubt that Analog is incredibly talented when it comes to producing instrumentals. That said, one can argue that sticking to an old school sound will limit the music to only a niche audience. However to counter that argument, it’s obvious that Analog is going against the grain by doing the opposite of what many newer producers are doing. An admirable trait in today’s climate, staying true to yourself." - Rappfox


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