Rappfox's Q&A with Perth Producer Analog

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Q: "For Rappfox readers who aren’t familiar with you, tell us a bit about yourself."- Rappfox

A: "I was lucky enough to grow up with 90’s Hip Hop and was heavily entrenched in music when OZ Hip Hop really started growing and developing. My brother was making music fairly early on, so we always had other MC’s and producers in and out of our house. I personally didn’t start making music until later on but by that stage I had been in the audio visual industry for close to 6 years. So the combination of growing up with music and music creation as well as a deep understanding of audio my progression in production was quick. Now days it is a constant balance between a young family, a demanding career and a love of music. A true first world problem!" - Analog

Q: "You recently released Against the Grain EP which features a slew of popular Perth artists. Tell me about the inspiration for this project." - Rappfox

A: "I wanted to make a production based EP with not only featured artists but also with Hip Hop based instrumentals. I sample a lot of old Blues, Jazz & Funk in my production which I wanted to sonically resonate through the EP." - Analog


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