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Dedicated to originality and making music that is true to self, Analog’s influence of Blues, Soul, Jazz & Funk sonically resonates through his music. Content to stay in the shadows & focus on the art of music he continues to build on his catalogue. Having already worked with a slew of established artists, the likes of Strictly D.T, Hyclass, Bluntfield, Ben Catley, Sipn MC, Charlie-Moon Meader, Wisdom2th & Tye. Analog will continue to push the boundaries and master is craft not only as a solo artist but as one half of Pippen On A 40.

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In The Valley


A soulful Hip Hop classic released under the banner of “Pippen On A 40” featuring Charlie-Moon Meader & Wisdom2th.

Against The Grain


“Analog is a fitting name for a producer. An analog clock, in comparison to a digital one, allows you to see the inner workings to understand how everything comes together to produce a result i.e. tell the time. Against the Grain EP is a project by Analog that gives the listeners an inside peak into the inner thoughts of what I would call a “beat making mastermind”. Each aspect of every beat has been carefully selected and added to produce the final result, the Against the Grain EP. With a project name like that it would be foolish to expect conformity, it is everything but...”

I Don’t Mind


An ode to 90’s Hip Hop, Hyclass deliveries on this hard hitting boom bap track that also features Tye on the cuts.

Honesty Hour ll


A personal tale were Strictly D.T. details complications of the music industry

Poverty's Paradise 


A soul dredged instrumental that takes the listener on a musical journey!

32 Of The Best


A fresh collaboration with Sipn MC where 32 bars of the finest are delivered over some fresh funk.

© 2020 by Fresh Juice Collective. 

Based out of the West Coast of Australia,
Fresh Juice Collective was established in 2020 by founding members Tye, Bluntfield, Skyuka, Charlie-Moon Meader & Analog.